Inspire people as a result of a sustainable lifestyle to:

Live their full potential and

Live in harmony with nature


A sustainable community.

People who want a lifestyle of wellness and in harmony with nature.

Leaders who create the world they want as a result of their actions

Because they inspire others to be the best they can be.

Practical Approach

  • Inform about the good news
  • Give access to easy to implement actions for daily life
  • Inspire people to develop positive habits
  • Support other projects focused on peace and conservation of the planet


A year ago Mexico City experienced one of the saddest and most scary moments in its history.  A new catastrophe shook the city exactly 32 years after the earthquake of 1985. ...



With all the negatives happening around us today (violence, discrimination, abuse, war, devastation, death), it is clear to me that it is time for a new generation of men and women.

It is time to change the trend, to leave behind silent spectators and awaken the super heroes within us. ...



For a long time I have been shocked and hurt the way in which our human society destroys life on our planet, I always felt the urge to do something to change it but did not know how. ...